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Our Materials

The Bridle Leather  that we use is exclusively from the UK. Our main source is a Walsall, UK, based tannery called J & E Sedgwick. Sedgwick leather is some of the finest Bridle Leather available anywhere in the world and is a key part of our commitment to producing products to the very highest standards. We also source leather from the last Oak Bark tanners in the UK, J&FJ Bakers from Colyton in Devon, who produce amazing, characterful and supremely longlived leather. The cost of the leather in each of our products is many times more than those of some of our competitors, however we feel that the investment is a worthwhile necessity in our drive to produce the best products that we possibly can. We have leather in a wide variety of colours , all of which are permanently dyed as part of the tanning process.

The thread we use is always twisted linen thread that is hand waxed before use. We generally use 18/3 Irish Linen thread which is used in saddlery items such as bridles, however many of our premium products such as our Lined and Raised belts  and watch straps  are sewn using Lin Cable corded linen thread  especially imported from France to give a wide choice of colours and the best finish possible. All of our items are over engineered (without compromising their aesthetic appeal) for the applications they are intended for - we believe in longevity and manufacture accordingly.

The fittings  that we use in our products depends on the nature of the product and the wishes of our customer. Much of our work uses solid Brass fittings. Brass is a traditional buckle material that is lustrous, eye catching and smart. For applications where a more silver coloured material is called for we use either Stainless Steel, solid Nickel or hallmarked Sterling Silver. None of these materials, in common with brass, will rust meaning they are suitable in environments where they will be exposed to the elements. Stainless Steel has a bright, clean finish where as Nickel has a deep, rich lustre somewhere between Stainless and Brass in colour and is perhaps the more aesthetically pleasing of the two. Our Nickel buckles feature a solid Stainless Steel tongue to ensure the buckle lasts a lifetime. Silver is the luxury choice and shares the lusterousness and beauty of nickel but with a bright white colour and is the obvious choice for formal belts. All of our belt buckles (with the exception of the Roller buckle) go through a multi stage re-finishing process on delivery to us from our suppliers (one of the last remaining manufacturers of buckles in the UK) that produces a mirror finish which is then protected by a coating of hard wax used more normally for the conservation of museum art works. If you wish we can also provide your buckles with a satin finish.

Our Products

Having assembled the best materials available we then have to turn it into the item that you have ordered, a multistage process that is hundreds of years old , but that produces quality that machines still cannot match. If you would like a more detailed description and some photos of how your product will be made please take a look here .