A Brief Guide to Belt Sizing 

Your belt will be made to measure for you, so it's important that you give us the right size when you order! Our belts have several hole configerations possible, but the size you order will always be the length from the buckle to the centre hole so you have room for adjustment either way. We will make your belt specifically for you so can happily accomodate different numbers or layouts of holes. If you'd like somthing different to the options here on the website just let us know what your requirements are.

There are two ways you can work out the size you need, however by far the best option is to follow method no 1.

1 - Measure an existing belt. This is by far the best method of getting your size just right. Dont include the buckle, but measure from the very end of the leather where the buckle is, to the hole you like the best. If your belt is very thin or stretchy you should add 1/2 an inch. The size you produce using this method should be about the same as that produced by method 2 if you wish to cross reference and is the size you should order. 

2 - Add 2" to the waist size of your trousers. For e.g. if you wear a 30" waist you should order a 32" belt. If on the other hand you wear a 30" waist, but they are a bit of a struggle, you probably have a 31" waist so should order a 33" belt.

Please remember, you can always wear a belt that's too long (though you shouldn't have to), but you (and we) can never make it longer if it's too short! If in doubt give us a slightly too long rather than too short a measurement. At the very least cross check that the size you order is approx. your genuine trouser size + 1 to 2 inches.