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The Rentetsu Belt

1 5/8" Rentetsu in Bakers London Tan with Ecru Hand stitching



The Rentetsu is a fusion of Japanese and English traditional crafts. The buckles are hand made using reforged 100 year old iron, a process that produces the unique Mokum striations the process is famous for. Each buckle is unique so we list each buckle we have so you can see and select your buckle personally

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We are very fortunate to have been able to work with a Japanese master blacksmith in the production of these buckles. The processes used are more commonly used in fine knife and chisel making, areas where the Japanese craftsmen rightly have a world class reputation for their creativity and skill.

We've twinned the Rentetsu buckle with the warm honey coloured oak bark tanned London Tan from Bakers in Colyton, Devon. The natural Mokum striations this style of metalwork is famous for are created by the removal of impurities in the original old iron in the re-forging process and remind us of the pronounced grain ancient oak woodwork develops after long exposure to the elements. It therefore seems fitting to combine the grain effect of the buckle with the oak bark tanned leather - an interesting juxtaposition of steel and leather that contrast at first glance but ultimately share so many characteristics. As with all our Special Editions we aim to combine two complimentary but different areas of craftsmanship and the crafts of the blacksmith, tanner and leather worker have been evolving in parallel since the Middle Ages. In a world of mass production Its a great privilege for us to have materials from both crafts of such integrity and quality to bring together.

As each buckle is unique we list each one individually and allow you to select the actual buckle that will be used on your belt. Please select the buckle whose character, patina and characteristics most appeal