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Bakers of Colyton Belts

We have recently introduced a very successful range of belts made using the bridle and harness leathers made by J & F.J. Baker and Co Ltd of Colyton, Devon. Bakers are the last Oak Bark tanners in the UK and produce small quantities of very beautiful, traditional and characterful leather and are one of the undiscovered gems of the leather trade.

All our Bakers leather is made using very traditional techniques and takes somewhere between 12 and 24 months from start to the finished leather. This produces a very flexible yet robust aniline leather that shows the underlying nature of the skin and smells wonderful. A very different leather than our Sedgwick Bridle Butt the grain pattern and natural variations in colour and marking make this a beautiful leather that will produce a genuinely unique belt for the connoisseur.


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4 Item(s)