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Stratfield Belt Kits

The Equus Belt Kits are our range of interchangeable straps and buckles, a neat way of building a collection of belts in different colours to match any occasion and outfit. To begin, choose a strap design from the neat and elegant Bridle Leather Strap using the best JE Sedgwick (available in 10 colours) or a more luxurious fully stitched strap in one of our Calf Leathers with colours chosen for their earthy tones and tactile nature.

Once you've decided on the strap, you're spoilt for choice in the finish of the contoured Stratfield Buckle. Stick with tradition and opt for the solid Brass buckle, with it's pure yellow tones mirroring it's surroundings with a highly polished finish or go for a more subtle, satin matt finish to maybe match a beloved watch buckle. Should you want a completely different finish we offer a range of plating options using either the silver/white finish of Palladium or a darker, more gun-metal tone in Ruthenium. For the utmost in luxury, why not choose the 23c Gold finish, which sits beautifully with the Gold Novonappa design. 

The fit of the Stratfield is such that it curves and hugs the body creating smooth lines with no bulk around the waist. This is the belt of choice of our Brand Ambassador, the World Equestrian Games Silver Medallist, Harry Meade, who wears the Vocalou Box Calf fully stitched Stratfield in Black, with a 23c Gold finished Stratfield whilst competing in his top hat and tails in the Dressage phase of Eventing. 

8 Item(s)
8 Item(s)