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Lined and Raised Belts


Our Lined & Raised Belts are our Flagship product and one that we are most proud of. Comparing this, a product we feel that is of a quality you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else, with a high street bought belt is like comparing a Kia with a classic Aston Martin. One mass produced by the thousand with components sourced from the lowest bidder, the other hand crafted luxury made by skilled craftsmen from the best materials available.

We have many variations on a theme in this category, but the principal is the same for all. We make all ourLined &Raised Belts from three strips of leather. The lining is made from one strip, be it bridle leather or calf leather depending upon your choice of belt, so you have the same quality leather on the inside as the outside, something all but unheard of outside the saddlery trade. The second strip is inside the belt and is used to create the raised strip down the centre. The face of the belt is, as with the lining, best bridle leather or calf leather, depending upon your choice. 

All of our Lined & Raised Belts are made from start to finish by one Craftsman, entailing over 1000 stitches, all done by hand and they can take the best part of 2 whole days to complete. Dedication to craft and skill at it's very best.

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4 Item(s)