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Dog Collars

This is our selection of handmade bridle leather dog collars. All our dog collars are made from best quality English bridle leather tanned by JE Sedgwick. We make these 100% in house, from cutting the strap from the butt of leather, to preparing, finishing, burnishing and stitching. We use only solid brass or solid stainless steel buckles and fittings to ensure the longevity and aesthetics of your dog collar.

Our aim is to produce for you a unique collar that you will be proud to use and we are proud to have made that will last you many, many years. We pay particular attention to the edges of our collars so they are tactile and comfortable for both dog and handler, an area often sadly lacking in collars from other sources.

All orders for leather dog products will receive a free 50ml tub of our Sedgwick Leather Feed, one per order.

11 Item(s)
11 Item(s)