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The Rolled Leather Collar

Rolled Collar in Dark Havanna



Our Rolled Collars are back by popular demand. From thinning the best quality English Sedgwick Leather, to rolling and stitching in place, everything is done by hand in house. The Rolled Collar is preferred by those with hairy dogs or those who prefer a more elegant, slimline look. 

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This is a traditional rolled collar made from best quality 3.5 - 4mm Sedgwick Bridle Leather. Made from one piece of leather which is cut, thinned, rolled and stitched all entirely by hand and our hand burnished edges make our collars more comfortable on both your dogs neck and on your hands. The Rolled Collar is stitched with best matching waxed linen thread. 

The Rolled Collar is suited to hairy dogs or those who prefer a more elegant look around their dogs neck. It is best used in conjunction with a slip lead or for those dogs who spend a lot of time off the lead due to it's streamlined nature. A pot of Sedgwick Leather Feed will come free with every rolled collar to enable you to look after it throughout the duration of its life.

Working out the correct size to order is easy, please see our sizing guide for information. If in doubt, please contact us. Please note the size you select is not the total length of the collar, it is the length from where the leather meets the buckle to the middle hole.