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Caring for Brass and Nickel Buckles and Other Fittings

Your solid brass, nickel or sterling silver buckles will have been hand polished to a high shine before they were made up into your belt and will also have been treated with a museum grade preservation wax  to help maintain that finish. In addition all of our belt buckles are wrapped in acid free jewellers tissue to protect them in transit. Initially therefore there will be no need to clean or polish any of your fittings. However if you wish to protect your buckles from tarnishing over the longer term we recommend that you treat them with Renaissance Wax once a month or so. This will protect the buckle from the chemicals in the environment (mostly on our hands) that cause tarnishing.

If your buckle is left untreated over time the finish may tarnish and acquire the natural patina the metal developes, particularily if used in harsh climatic conditions. Many people like this patination and anxiously await its development, but if you prefer the original high gloss shine don't panic! Part of the reason for the enduring popularity of the metals we use is that they can be cleaned and polished back to their original finish. To clean already tarnished fittings we reccomend a non abrassive cleaning cloth suitable for your metal such as Cape Cod or our Silver Polishing Cloths which we use in the workshop for light cleaning. Please follow the instructions on the packet for detailed instructions, but be aware that you should not allow the cleaner to contact the leather. Once you have cleaned your buckle an application of Renaissance Wax will help protect the finish.

It should be noted that a cleaning cloth such as these are great for removing tarnish and discolouration but will not remove scratches or other phsical surface damage as they contain only a very light abrasive. If your buckle is heavily damaged and you wish to have it restored we can in most cases restore your buckle to as new condition in our Spa, please get in touch to have a chat.

If you have chosen to have your buckle finished with Palladium your buckle is finished with a layer of white precious metal from the Platinum group of metals that will not tarnish. Your buckle should not be cleaned with anything other than a soft cloth so the surface is not scratched. Palladium is hard metal and will wear better than buckles plated with metals such as gold or silver, however any plating will wear eventially. If in the fullness of time your buckle requires replaiting we offer this service via our Spa service.

Renaisance Wax is manufactured by Picreator Enterprises Ltd who carry a Royal Warrant as supppliers of conservation products to the household of HRH Queen Elizabeth.