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Lin Cable

Lin Cable is the best linen thread for leather work in the world and is famously used by many true luxury goods brands. Lin Cable costs around 10x more than , standard linen thread, however the quality, consistency and choice of colours is a worthwhile investment we feel.



A bright, nearly true bright white, excellent for contrast stitching with all leather colours.

Natural LinCable


An off white. A more subtle, softer choice than Natural and great in particular with browns like Bakers Oak Brown or Gold Barenia. Lovely thread, probably our favourite.

Ecru Lin Cable




Light brown, excellent choice with a mid brown leather like Oak Brown, Oxford Tan, Gold Barenia.

Beige Lin Cable


Brown is a very good close match for Oxford Tan, Oak Brown or Hazel. A subtle contrast with darker browns like Australian Nut.

Brown Lin Cable


A soft medium brown, subtle contrast with the darker browns. Very like the Barbour Brown.

Lichen Lin Cable


Soil is a more or less perfect match with Australian Nut, Burgundy and Dark Stain.

Soil Lin Cable

Dark Brown

A rich dark brown, good with Dark Havanna.

Dark Brown Lin Cable



Black and Greys


A true deep black which needs no introduction!

Black Lin Cable

Mouse Grey

An intriguing colour, a good contrast with black, blue or green. With black the effect can be somewhat like traditional morning suit trousers.

Mouse Grey Lin Cable



Yellow and Orange


A rich, warm yellow like butter. Lovely contrast stitch with any colour and compliments brass and nickel hardware.

Yellow Lin Cable


A bright, vivid orange - a bold contrast choice.

Orange Lin Cable




Royal Blue

A bright, vivid royal blue which makes a subtle contrast with Midnight Blue or a strong contrast with browns, black or russet.

Royal Blue Lin Cable


A good mid blue, ideal for use as a subtle contrast with Sedgwick Midnight Blue or a good contrast stitch with British Racing Green, Burgundy and others.

Blue Lin Cable

Navy Blue

A true dark navy blue, the self coloured choice with Midnight Blue, or subtle contrast with our other shades.

Navy Blue Lin Cable





A medium green that's a good contrast but not as strong as peacock.

Green Lin Cable


A vivid green-blue that's an excellent subtle contrast with British Racing Green, or a vivid contrast stitch with our other colours.

Peacock Lin Cable


A very good match with British Racing Green (the choice if you pick self coloured), a good dark green colour very much the colour of a pine needle.

Pine Lin Cable





Salmon pink, a contrast with all our colours!

Pink Lin Cable


A true red - self coloured with our Pillarbox Red or a great contrast with Midnight Blue or our other colours.

Red Lin Cable


As the name suggests a reddy brown, good subtle contrast with the darker brows like Australian Nut.

Brick Lin Cable