Lin Cable Thread Colours

A full guide to the colours available is available here in a new window.

Lin Cable is probably the best linen thread for fine leathergoods, and certainly one of the most expensive, used by some of the most prestigous makers in the world. We import this thread directly from France as we think it offers the best combination of quality, consistency of colour and shape as well as a beatiful range of colours. Well worth the extra money to achieve the lovely colour combinations of leather and stitch this thread makes possible.


Natural LinCableEcru Lin CableBeige Lin CableBrown Lin CableLichen Lin CableSoil Lin CableBrick Lin CableDark Brown Lin CableBlack Lin CableMouse Grey Lin CableYellow Lin CableRoyal Blue Lin CableBlue Lin CableNavy Blue Lin CablePeacock Lin CableGreen Lin CablePine Lin CableOrange Lin CableRed Lin CablePink Lin Cable