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Linen Thread

Why Linen Thread?

Linen thread has a number of qualities that make it superior to man made alternatives. It has been the traditional choice of thread within the saddlery and luxury leather goods trade for a number of centuries.

  • It has just the right amount of give when stitching - that is it is neither too elastic nor too inelastic.
  • It does not cut the leather when stitching - very important as the strength of the stich line would be greatly impared.
  • It is tough enough to cope with years of use.
  • It's a natural material - we hate plastic!
  • Great colours! Linen is a natural material so even though we have bright colours they never look garish.

Which Linen Thread?

All linen thread is not made equal! We are as selective about thread as any other component of our work and only buy the best, Irish 18/3 or Fil au Chinois Lin Cable thread from France. Our products with extensive stitching like our Lined and Raised belts and our watch straps are made only with Lin Cable from J Toulemonde , a long established French brand and an ultra premium thread widely acknowledged as the best in the world and used by brands such as Hermes for their hand stitched products. Our use of such expensive threads means we can use slightly lighter weight thread but still achieve the same strength as heavier but less well made thread, giving a more polished look to our work and means we have a wide choice of thread colour, from traditional staples such as Natural, Ecru, Yellow and Brown to more exotic colours like Brick, Mouse Grey and Peacock.

How is it used?

Invariably linen thread is waxed with a pure beeswax block before use. This helps the stitching process as it helps prevent a needle being passed through the thread whilst stitching, but also goes a long way to helping preserve the life of the thread in the finished garment, preventing wear and rot.