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Leather Colours and "Tasting Notes"

We carry a wide variety of colours in our range of J & E Sedgwick leathers. Some of the colours history is so old it is now lost, some more modern and contemporary. We also have a selection of leather from Bakers of Colyton, Devon, the last tanners in the UK to use Oak Bark in their tanning and a selection of English polo saddle suede. All of our leathers are dyed as part of the tanning and finishing process and given normal usage and care the colours are permanent and will age gracefully. The dyes both Sedgwick and Bakers use allows the beauty of the underlying leather to shine through unlike the inferior leather generally used whose colour is painted onto the surface. We are very happy to post samples of leather  and threads to anyone regardless of where in the world you are, just add them to your shopping cart. Our samples packs are here.


J &E Sedgwick Leathers

Sedgwick leathers are extremely consistent in both colour and quality, have very well finished grain with little to no visible marks. Generally two pieces of leather of the same colour bought at different times will be a good match to each other. An excellent choice for smart wear or for someone looking for a consistent colour.

Australian Nut

Australian Nut is a long established colour whose origins are suggestedby the name. This is a mid brown colour we often describe as milk chocolate and has a small amount of red. This is our biggest seller.






Dark Havanna

Once again a very old colour, and probably the favorite of the English saddlery trade. This is a very dark brown - nearly a black. We describe it as dark chocolate coloured, and one of our customers very correctly described it as the colour of a Bendicks Bittermint. Excellent for a semi formal belt.








Black needs no introduction. Ours is a true, deep black with no grey or other colours visible and is very popular for formal belts with a stainless or nickel buckle.








Burgundy is a modern colour that was introduced as a limited edition colour but has been so popular we have decided to keep it in the range permanently. A rich red/brown colour that isnt as red as Oxblood. We are told this is a very good match with Horween #8 Shell Cordovan.








Hazel is another modern colour and is a reinterpretation of the traditional Light Havanna. A lovely warm eye catching colour that really lets the texture and soul of the leather shine through. A light brown with orange overtones that is a company favourite.







London Tan

London Tan is a colour used by the trade for hundreds of years and is as lovely now as it would have been then. A light yellow colour that is close to the leathers natural shade that will acquire a beautiful patina as the years go by. One of our stalwarts and ongoing favorites.






British Racing Green

British Racing Green, a classic and signature Equus colour in combination with Ecru Lin Cable stitching is a deep dark green that is subtle and rather lovely. The character of the colour really comes out in the Lined and Raised belt which lifts and brings out the highlights. A very difficult to find colour for the connoisseur and those who love subtle beauty.







Postbox Red

Another limited edition colour we now stock permanently. A true red with no sign of brown that makes beautiful eye-catching leatherwork.






Midnight Blue

A permanent addition to our colour range, this dark blue can equally be used as a casual belt or a subtle accent to a blue suit. A very unusual shade you're unlikely to find elsewhere in leather of this quality.








Bakers Leather

Our Bakers of Colyton leather is quite different in character to the Sedgwick leather and of excellent quality. The colours tend toward variegation and will have the natural marks and scars from the underlying skin present. Colours will vary between individual straps, though the character is consistent. Excellent flexibility for a given weight and all will age extremely well and last for many years, if not generations of use. The smell of the leather, in particular the Australian Nut, is exceptional and as leather should be. A leather for the leather connoisseur and about which we can't write enough superlatives.

Dark Stain Harness

The Dark Stain is similar in character to the other Bakers leathers, but is a warm medium to dark brown (varying between Sedgwick Australian Nut and Dark Havanna) - in colour and variation very like dark oiled walnut with lighter highlights when flexed. This is harness rather than bridle leather so more grease is used in the tanning finishing process, though the leather is not at all greasy to the touch. As a consequence the leather has excellent tensile strength and is particularly suited to hard use and adverse weather conditions but has beauty as well as brawn. The natural scars the cow had in life plus the 2 year tanning and finish process all add their own marks and idiosyncrasies to the patina that will already be developing when you receive it and will continue throughout its long life. This leather is used and developed exclusively for our Scott belt and is the personal favorite of Charlie, our founder, who wears one or other of his pair of Scotts every day.

Oak Brown

This is the leather that best displays the character and colour possibilities of the oak bark tannage from Bakers. A mid brown that falls somewhere between Sedgwick Hazel and Oxford Tan but hand stained to produce a colour with variations and depth of colour similar to a light burr Walnut. Every butt of leather and each individual strap will have a subtley unique colour, pattern and marking. Excellent grain pattern and the clean fresh smell of oak bark. Very much a favourite.


London Tan

In common with our other Oak bark tanned leather from Bakers, the London Tan is a rich naturally varied colour with great character and depth of colour. As with all true London colours this will mature to a rich honey brown over its life. This is a true full grain so will have the unique pattern of marks the cow had in life.


Completely un-dyed to display the true character of the skin and with a very pleasing grain, this is a great leather for those who love to see the colour as it matures from its initial blond to a mid brown over time. The marks, scars and character of the skin acquired throughout its life and its long tanning process will be obvious and will make every strap unique.

Polo Saddle Suede

Our polo saddle suede is 4 - 4 1/2mm thich and designed for the flaps of hand made polo sadles. Its flexible, extremely comfortable to wear and makes for a great casual belt with hints of the high goal polo field about it. 


Our first suede colour, this is the iconic light brown suede colour so often used for shoes. Summery and rather lovely!


Our chocolate colour is a warm dark brown and great for a slightly less casual suede or matching darker shoes.



We are lucky to have been able to secure a small supply of the famous and very lovely NovoNappa from Tannerie Haas in France. This is a combination tanned full grain calf skin with a light gold colour that matures to a rich, deep brown. The oil content of the leather means it has a soft finish that patinates amazingly. The leather will mark easily if scratched but the nature of the leather means most marks can be rubbed out again and build the patinae the leather is famous for.