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Fitting a Half Check Collar

To measure your dog for his new half check collar please measure around his neck with a tape measure. The tape measure should be around the middle of his neck where a collar would be in use and should be snug, not loose, so we have a true neck size. You should not put fingers under the tape measure, make allowances for comfort etc, our fitting suggestions will produce the right size given an accurate neck measurement.

If you use your Half Check as an all Day everyday collar and/or your dog is allowed off the lead wearing his half check:

We suggest you order a collar 3" shorter than your dogs neck size. The collar will need to be a closer fit than one just worn on the lead only, so we need to make your collar a bit shorter. Using our example dog with a 16" neck above we would suggest a 13" half check is ordered (total length c. 17 1/2" inc chain) or a 13"-16" adjustable half check (total length c. 17 1/2" to 20 1/2").

If you only use your Half Check whilst your dog is on a lead:

We would suggest you order a collar that is 2" smaller than your dogs neck measurement as taken above. If, for example, your dogs neck measurment is 16" we would suggest you order a 14" half check collar. The size that you select indicates the length of the leather strap only, the chain will add approx 4 1/2"-5" to this length so there will be sufficient room for the collar to be put on and taken off. Our 14" collar in this example will have a total length of c. 18 1/2" including the chain.

Of course, the length of collar will alter the degree of check that is given. Some trainers suggest that when in use with a lead the sides of the check collar should touch one another. Others (including us) suggest that there should be approx 1 1/2" - 2" of chain still visible, giving a greater degree of check effect. We are very happy to help you select the perfect length if you wish, please just get in touch.

Selecting an adjustable half check collar is identical to the process above but we would suggest that you select the measurement achieved above as the smallest size. Going back to our dog above with a 16" neck, we would suggest that 14" is the optimum size so a 14"-17" collar would be the best choice and would give you a good range of adjustment. Also as above we are very happy to help you choose ther perfect size and have a lot of experience doing so for a huge variety of breeds so please do get in touch.

If you are stuck!

We have helped people find the perfect sized collar for Jack Russels to Italian Greyhounds to Leonburgers. If you're unsure of the best size we're very happy to talk through fitting options with you, please just get in touch, our contact details are in the top right of your screen on every page.

Charlie & Dawn