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Bridle Leather Watch Straps

Our selection of Watch Straps typifies our company ethos. Each strap is bespoke - handmade and hand stitched individually in exactly the same way as our Lined and Raised belt range and is made from start to finish to your requirements by a single craftsman. Our Bridle Leather straps are almost unique in their construction, we take our Bakers or Sedgwick Bridle Leather and thin it down to the stage we can make a strap that is robust but not thick, uncomfortable to wear or obtrusive.

The natural beauty of the leather is enhanced by the subtle central padding which brings out the character and grain of the leather. We hand stitch our straps with our premium Lin Cable thread so there are a huge range of possibilities of colour scheme, from the sober black and browns with self coloured stitching or subtle contrast stitching to pick out the colours in your watch face or hands, to the vivid leather colours possible in our bespoke calf and goatskin ranges.

Custom straps can be overly thick and rather crude affairs, we aim to combine enough substance for a reasuring wrist presence with refinment, comfort and the same level of finish as our other premium products - a strap to compliment rather than detract from your watch.




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6 Item(s)