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Cuir de Russie Watch Strap

Treat your watch to a unique strap made from our stocks of Cuir de Russie leather. The leather has been especially developed by one of our key English tanneries, in collaboration with leading French academics. The combination of outstanding technical know how from the tannery, renowned for their traditional vegetable and oak bark tanning, along with detailed academic research has enabled the production of a leather with all of the characteristics of the original, a major export of pre-Revolutionary Russia, which was used throughout the world for small leather goods, book binding, military items and upholstery. The birch oil used in the finishing process produced a leather with great weather resistance, as well as resistance to attack from mould, insects and other enemies of leather leading a hard life.

The recipe for the leather was a closely guarded secret lost in the chaos of the Revolution and its aftermath, and for many many years the leather was simply a an item of interest to scholars of the period. With the salvaging of many tonnes of it from the bottom of the Bristol Sound, sunk in the wreck of the Metta Catherina in 1786 and discovered beneath the silt of the English Chanel in 1973 a renewed interest was formed. More or less all of the salvaged leather is now gone, and many people have tried to create new versions. We worked with the original Metta Catherina leather, and have closely examined all of the new versions. This is the only one that matches the look, feel, smell, tannage and technical characteristics of the original, but without the propensity for cracking and fragility the Metta Catherina can have. A truly great leather with outstanding character.

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2 Item(s)