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Hands Not Machines

About Us

Who are we?

Equus Leather is run by Charlie & Dawn Trevor from the heart of rural County Durham in the UK. Charlie manages the leather and creative side of the business and Dawn deals with the administration and all things that make the business tick. Charlie has been producing leather and bridlework since 1995. Our products ship all over the world, from Europe and the US to the Middle and Far East and Australia.


A few words from Charlie 

We are proud to keep alive the traditions of the artisan craftsman. Everything we make is 100% hand crafted by us, using the best materials to create the best products for you. Our items are designed using the skills and expertise of centuries old English traditions to give you beautiful leather goods that will last a lifetime. We will provide you with a bespoke item - a pleasure to own, to look at, to handle. I grew up using the leather suitcase that my Grandmother travelled around the world with and my Father, to this day, uses his Grandfather's cartridge belt. We aspire to produce leatherwork that has the same quality and longevity and am proud to produce goods that don't fit with the current ethos of poor quality, low price and disposability of all things.


Our Values

We have never seen eye-to-eye with the current trend of cheaply made products that have a very finite life span, generally of the same length as the warranty period, yet still seem very expensive. In past times people took pride in making and owning goods that would last a life time, in fact would often out last the owner! How many items of furniture, bags or clothes made today last 5 years, let alone 50 years? We want to make products that fit with the values of a now past generation of craftsmen, where over engineering and pride in product were the prime consideration and profit was a natural result of producing a top quality product.


Our Materials

We only use the best materials in the products that we make. We use:

  • Sedgwick and Bakers first selection bridle leather 
  • Solid Brass, Nickel, Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel fittings 
  • The finest Grade 1 calf and exotic skins with relevant CITES permits from the most prestigious tanneries
  • All items are hand stitched using the finest threads, Lin Cable thread for the majority or our work, and Tiger thread for increased rot resistance for our canine and equine products
  • All edges are bevelled, burnished, dyed and polished to ensure beauty and tactility and to help prevent the edges from fraying over time. 
  • We do not offshore, have overseas factories or buy in any finished goods, all new products made of leather on this site are entirely handmade and finished by us, here in England

Restoration of Vintage and Antique Leather Cases

We are often asked to complete restoration projects but we are unable to fit this in within our busy workshop schedule. Do get in touch as we can pass you on to people that we recommend.