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Brexit & Equus

On the 1st January 2021 the United Kingdom will complete its withdrawal from the European Union. This has a few implications for us as a small company that trades around the world! Hopefully we can answer any questions you have below. 

Customers in the United Kingdom

Trade is as normal for you. All our products include 20% VAT and this will continue. 

Customers in the European Union

Good news for you! As of 1st January 2021 all of our products will be 20% cheaper as we no longer charge you VAT on your purchases from us. When you first look at the website, prices will include VAT but once you checkout and enter the country of delivery, the price will go down accordingly. 

You may be liable for import taxes, depending upon your country. Purchasing from us in the UK will be like purchasing from the USA or China in relation to import taxes. If you have a question about this, do get in touch with Dawn

Customers in the Rest of The World

Trade continues as normal, you enjoy 20% cheaper prices as we don't charge you VAT.