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Hands Not Machines

Our Values

The eight things that make us Equus.

We do what we say

If we say we’ll do something we’ll do it. Our word is very important to us and if we’ve said we’ll do something for you we’ll do everything possible to make it happen.

We make things the way we say. We are very specific about what we make our products from and how we do it on the website. This isn’t marketing speak, this is exactly how your product will be made. If we say we’re going to use Sedgwick bridle leather for example, never under any circumstances will we substitute anything else. If we say something is hand stitched, that doesn't mean a hand has guided it through a sewing machine, it means a craftsperson has sat at their bench and stitched it by hand with an awl, thread and needles.

We do good not quick

Our objective is to make lovely things and that takes time. Nearly everything we make is made specifically for the person who ordered it and we deliberately reject production line techniques that are more efficient but are enemies to our craft. Our leathers and fittings tend to come from small scale manufacturers and they themselves make in small batches, so keeping stocks of the leather and fittings we use can be tricky and it takes time to make sure we have the right leather, the right fittings and put it in front of the right maker at the right time. We also quality check our incoming materials and the work we do ourselves quite aggressively, given the choice between sending or using something we aren’t happy with and taking the time to make a new one we’ll always pick the latter. We prioritise good over fast - this flies in the face of the Amazons of this world etc but is the core of what we do. It also means we develop products slowly - you wont see new Equus products often. It can take years of development effort to get a design to the point its good enough to launch.

We are perfectionists who don’t believe in perfection

We strongly believe that true craftsmanship involves the desire to make the very best object that you can - a perfect manufactured object. Inherently everything made by a human is flawed but our culture is to keep refining and improving our work over time within an ethos of continuous improvement. Implicit within this is self criticism - we have to see, recognise and dislike our faults, however small, and work to improve them. Perfection is by definition unachievable but should nevertheless still be worked towards.

Craftsmanship and character are everything to us

You could say we share our values more with Aston Martin than Lexus. We don’t aim for bland technical perfection as made by a robot, we aim for a product that is beautiful and loved at a visceral and emotional, as much intellectual, level - loved because it’s lovely and over the long run rather than simply when new for an absence of flaws. We chose the materials that reflect that best, lovely craftsman made fittings and leather with interest, character and quality over mass produced blandness.

We’re a human business

We are a human scale business - small, personal and we care about the individual, both our customers and our small team at Equus. We value each and every one of our customers and do our best to develop a long term relationship with them. Everything we make is made by one person for another. We make sure our workshop lists always has the customers name along with their ordered product, at no time does anyone just become a number. We strongly believe keeping the link between the customer who has ordered from us and the individual craftsperson who made it is a key part of our formula. Likewise our internal systems link a product and the individual that made it so we can pass praise back to the person who deserves it.

We love what we do and what we make

Genuinely. We didn’t found Equus because we saw a niche, thought it would be profitable and decided to fill it, we founded it because what we wanted to buy was becoming impossible to find and the urge to scratch the creative itch was impossible to resist. We started as a micro business and were fortunate enough that others saw the value in what we did. As we’ve grown if anything we’ve become more and more focused on our core values of making the very best stuff we can and we’ve been able to use our growth to help source even more lovely materials, tools and developing our own style and techniques. We love what we make.  

We are proud of and stand behind our products

This follows on from the point before. We exist to make lovely things and we want you to love your Equus product as much as we do and for it to have a long and productive life with you. When it eventually wears out we want you to mourn its passing. We’re here to help make that happen. If you need us for any reason you only have to get in touch. 

We are an analogue company

Everything you see in front of you is digital, so this seems a contradictory statement. We embrace the internet and social media enthusiastically and with open arms for its ability to allow us to show you our world. However that world is an older one, where we still write each packing slip by hand, and much of the imagery on our films and photographs is shot on physical film (16mm, 35mm and 120). Inside the workshop we strive constantly to produce items with personality, beauty and character and we choose our leather with those traits in mind. This mindset extends out from the workbench and we prefer the tactile, the beautiful, the communication of an emotion and a connection from one human to another through the objects we create and the way that we have created them, be they leather, images or even notes to customers over the blank void of the digital world.