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Hands Not Machines


Sustainability is the word of the moment, and rightly so. However, consumer culture and fast fashion is fundamentally at odds with any meaningful way of defining sustainability. Here at Equus we steer our own path and run our business based on our own deeply held values. Sustainability has always been a key part of what we do, for a number of reasons

We Think Plastic is Evil (and it is..)

We avoid the "P word" as far as it's possible to do so. We have been working hard to remove any single use plastics here and we now have 0% plastic in any of our parcelling for instance. There is hardly any plastic used within the workshops at all, where we have to use it we make sure we reuse it it for as long as possible, and eliminate its use wherever possible.

Good Leather is always better than Plastic.

Leather is a naturally produced byproduct of the meat industry. Our leather is sourced from the UK and France, where farming is sustainable and of benefit to the environment and the people who live in it and where tanneries respect strict environmental standards. The use of leather for a product eliminates the use of oil based alternatives. If correct agricultural practices are used and we collectively manage the environment well leather is infinitely sustainable and should form a key part of the strategy of removing plastic and oil based products from our lives. It should be noted that leather from other parts of the world don’t share the environment credentials as that from Western Europe - know where your leather comes from!

We think Fast Fashion is Fundamentally Evil

The consumer culture of cheap clothes made to be worn once or twice is fundamentally wrong, and prays on both the environment and the workers making the clothing. Retailers in the fast fashion space talk about recycling their clothing being the key, to us thats fundamentally wrong headed and simply hides vast air mileage and intensive manufacturing processes behind buzz words. Everything we make can last many years if not decades and generations if looked after. We believe this is the key to sustainability. We advocate buying the best quality and then using an item till its worn out, a traditional model of thrift and sustainability that has worked for generations.