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Create Your Bespoke Watch Strap

From £204.00

The Bakers Bridle Leather Watch Strap

The Bakers Bridle Leather watch strap is available in five full grain oak bark tanned shades, from the bright London Tan, through the rich mid tones of Oak Brown and Australian Nut to the darker tones of Dark Havanna and Black. The combination of Bakers oak bark tannage and the hand dying process used for this leather produces a natural variegation and antiquing of colour which is somewhat variable due to the hand aniline dying and tanning process.

That this bridle leather is truley full grain means that more than any other leather we carry, each butt and every strap cut from it will be completely unique in its colouration and the marks and character of the underlying skin, genuinely a one off that can never be replicated. The surface of the leather exhibits a very pleasing natural grain and the very long tanning process (up to two years) makes for the excellent longevity, flexibility and strength characteristic of Bakers leather. A genuinely artisan made product in every aspect, from the 2 years of tanning to our own hand stitching using the finest Lin Cable linen thread. 

We thin the leather down to enable us to create a fully lined watch strap of around 4 mm thick in the centre at the watch end of the strap. This is our Goldilocks thickness, not too thick but thick enough to compliment a mechanical watch. We taper the thickness down to around 2.3mm at the holes and point end of the strap to make the strap easier to buckle and thread through its keepers. If you'd like to see how your strap will be made take a look at the bottom of this page to see our craftsmen in action.

Our straps can come complete with a variety of buckles or a deployant, all in either satin or polished finish. We recommend the deployant for maximum life of your strap as the design protects the edges and the strap itself from buckle wear. We can also make the strap around an existing buckle or deployant if you wish. Some deployants require especially thin straps, if thats the case with yours you should get in touch so we can discuss the specification you need. We're very happy to discuss custom options such as racing holes, point design, stitching options etc or simply which colours and options are the best combination, please just drop us an email and we can talk through the options for your strap.

For help with sizing please see our size guide here. Every strap is made to measure so we can accomodate any size you require, if you'd like a non standard size just let us know.