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Baranil Calf Lined and Raised Belt

Just as with our original Bridle Leather Lined and Raised, we have spent years developing the techniques, skills and sourcing of leather to create this belt. We make them using the beautiful Baranil calf sourced exclusively from one tannery in the Alsace region of France. The belt is 100% hand stitched and will have in the region of 750 stitches, each individually sewn by a time served craftsman over several hours. Each belt represents around an entire days work.

We use the traditional skills of the English Saddler that is the core of our work and we fuse those skills with European leatherworking with their greater emphasis on thinner leathers to make a belt that has the feeling of quality, substance at the waist and subtlety of our traditional English work with the detail and material of the Continental. We make them using the beautiful Baranil calf and to compliment this lovely leather we create a beautifully raised profile in the centre of the belt to show the grain, warmth and beauty of the leather, accented by the stitching and creasing at the edge. The belt is 100% hand stitched and will have in the region of 750 stitches, each individually sewn by hand with two needles, an awl and Lin Cable thread by a time served craftsman over several hours. Each belt represents around a full days work

The Baranil we use for these belts is sourced exclusively from one tannery who select from the finest skins that they receive to make this leather, which is entirely full grain and made with the technique the Alsace tanneries are famous for. The leather is through-dyed, vegetable re-tanned and fed with a secret recipe to nourish the leather which is then absorbed in warm air into the heart of the leather to give a beautiful rich glow, a characteristic grain pattern and a great touch. In our opinion this is the finest calfskin in the world of this type

Because of the lighter weight calf leather used for this belt the overall thickness is great for suits and lighter clothing. The belts are lightly padded in the centre to create the familiar beautiful raised profile our L&R belts all share and are around 4mm in the centre and 2.5mm at the edges - the "Goldilocks" thickness - not too thick and works well with formal trouser belt loops but also isn't so thin as to feel insubstantial. We line the belts with Gold Zermatt Calf for a pleasing contrast and to make sure the lining lasts as well and ages as pleasingly as the outer leather. The central internal layer is also leather (like all our belts but unlike the inferior versions made by others) to make sure the belt ages well.

These belts can feature our captive running keeper system so you can have all the benefits of a running keeper to position where you need it (typically after your first belt loop so the tail is completely still) with no risk of losing it, which you can choose as an optional extra. The retaining strip behind the belt is made as carefully as the rest of the belt to make sure its unobtrusive, comfortable and strong but without undue bulk.