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Create Your Bespoke Briefcase

From £1,440.00

The Equus Music case

The Music Case is a traditional way of carying a relatively small load, at least compared to a full sized briefcase. The classical purpose of the case is for sheet music, and it does that as well as ever, but is also a great way of carrying a laptop, notebook, iPad or other slimline load. Perfect for when you dont need the kitchen sink to come to! We love the slightly quirky design of the bar closure.

As with all our cases the handle is the centrepiece, and as its the part of the case you'll interact with most we've designed it to feel solid and reasuring to carry, but also extremely tactile and comfortable - we want it to feel as nice as it looks and smells.


These cases are traditionally made from unlined bridle leather to keep down weight so we use oak bark tanned bridle leather from J & F J Baker in London Tan (probably the most traditional colour and configuration available), Oak Brown, Australian Nut, Dark Havanna or Black. Bakers are based in Devon, England and are the best in the world at what they do, we have worked with them for decades so we have no hesitation using their leathers. 
Entirely handmade, fully and entirely handstitched, made using the finest leather, and above all made to a standard of quality not to a price. The design and execution draws heavily on our English saddlery background and our love for Edwardian and Victorian leathergoods, and our primary objective was to make a case that would last generations. The inspiration behind the design was Charlie (founder and Creative Director) finding the Music Case that had accompanied him to school as a 10 year old boy and reinterpreting it in the Equus style. 

The case is 15" wide x 10" high and 1 3/8" deep (38cm x 26cm x 3.5cm approx). We welcome enquiries for customisations and alternative sizes.