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The Heritage Collection

This is our range of collars and leads made using only J&FJ Bakers London Tan Bridle Leather. We often hear "My Grandmother had a bridle that was 40 years old and still going strong, can I have a dog collar like that?" We've created the Heritage collection from leather thats the same as the leather of old. This lovely Bridle Leather is oak bark tanned to produce a strong, durable leather and it's designed to be treated in the same way that worked so well for leather in our Grandparents day, with Neatsfoot oil. The rich Honey London Tan is a lovely colour when new, but will go a warm medium brown after treatment with oil which will soften and protect the leather from the elements. If the leather is cleaned and re-oiled when needed it will be largely impervious to being used in any weather.

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