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Create Your Bespoke Case

From £250.39

Pen Case

This Pen Case is a firm case made to protect your precious pen from the bashes, bumps and wear in a pocket, inside a larger case or when traveling. Its made using either the wonderful artisanal Oak Bark tanned bridle leather from J & F J Baker prepared, thinned and finished to our specific requirements in two shades, the warm honey of London Colour, or the darker richer Oak Brown. Entirely handmade, fully handstitched, made using the finest leathers in the world and above all made with to a standard of quality not to a price. The design draws heavily on our English saddlery background and our love for Edwardian and Victorian leathergoods, and our design objective was to make a pen case that would be beautiful, robust and to last generations (of pens, or people).

Always with our pen cases we start with the venerable but still lovely Parker 51, beloved of Charlie our Creative Director. The 51 is our favourite pen, but it's also a great proxy for the many similar medium sized sized pens that followed, so we can be confident the standard sized case will fit most pens out there. However we can make the case to any dimensions required so if you have a special pen of a different size just get in touch, we'll certainly be able to make a case to fit.

The case is approximately 6" or 150mm long externally, 1 1/4" or 32mm wide and 7/8" or 23mm deed. The case will accommodate a pen up to approx 145 mm (5 3/4") long and with a barrel/cap maximum width of 17mm (11/16")