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Caring for Calf Leather Belts

Our calf leather belts have low maintenance requirements, but if they are looked after they will last longer and look better. They are made from the finest leathers available and are entirely handstitched for longevity.

If your belt requires cleaning we recommend a soft horsehair brush as a first port of call, or if there is more stubborn dirt a damp (not wet) Baby Wipe, used gently. Scrubbing in a particular place repeatedly should be avoided to prevent damage to the finish and grain of the leather.

After cleaning, or approximately once per season we recommend treating your belt with Saphir Nappa cream to nourish and condition the belt. This will keep the leather conditioned and nourished

The lining of your belt is designed to cope with some moisture. However leather can be marked by excess perspiration. If your belt is to be used in hot or humid environments be sure to keep the belt stored in an airy environment and to condition regularity

We are happy to answer any care questions you might have, and welcome belts being sent in for our Spa service.