Caring for Canine Products

Dog Collars and Leads

Dog leads and in particular dog collars lead a very hard life and will not last as well as they are able to without some TLC. When you receive your new collar or lead we recommend you treat it with Sedgwick Leather Feed (or Saphir Neatsfoot for the Heritage Collection) to help preserve and protect the leather as it starts its life with you. As a minimum cleaning monthly with a damp cloth, saddle soap and Sedgwick Leather Feed will go a long way towards helping your products last well, keep their appearance and their colour. If your Equus products become soaked, ie because of torrential rain or swimming dogs, they should be allowed to dry naturally and then treated with leather feed to keep the leather supple and well nourished. If regular wetting is likely Saphir Neatsfoot Oil will help the leather to be more water repellant but should be used sparingly. Leather and stitching will become dry and crack or fail if not treated with leather feed when required.

Ongoing Maintenance

Your item should be cleaned with a damp cloth when necessary (monthly at least) and a coat of feed applied either when the leather starts to look or feel dry, has been exposed to inclement weather or a damp environment or you simply wish to make the item look smart.

If your leatherwork has got very wet it should be allowed to dry at room temperature and never hung in front of a fire or radiator. Once the item has dried out a dressing of Sedgwick Leather Feed or Sapir Neatsfoot Oil may be applied to rejuvenate the item. Apply using your hands as the warmth will help the oil penetrate the fibres.

Rolled Collars

Rolled collars in particular need care, especially if they have become very wet. They should be allowed to be dry naturally (on the dog is fine if the dog is dry!) and then given a rub over with Sedgwick Leather Feed to help preserve the structure and appearance of the collar. The grain and colour will be permanently damaged if the leather is allowed to become very dry.