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Caring for Watch Straps

Your Equus watch strap has been made entirely by hand with the finest leathers used for both the outer, lining and inside of the watch strap. Our attention to detail and craftsmanship means our watch straps will last for a long time if they are cared for correctly.

As with any fine leather, the key enemy of the watch strap is water. Your strap should not be immersed in water, and water droplets should be avoided.

For our straps with St Crispin babycalf linings, the lining of the strap will absorb perspiration due to the nature of the leather, so to maximise longevity for these straps we recommend you take them off for activities that create heavy perspiration. Our Alsavel and Zermatt linings are specifically treated to be water/sweat resistant and hypallergenic so are better suited for hot countries or activities generating perspiration. You should also be careful not to get skin care products or perfumes/aftershaves on your watch strap as these may damage the leather

For All Watch Straps

To clean your strap we recommend gently wiping the strap and lining clean with a damp (not wet) baby wipe, no more than once a season and then dry with a clean lint free cloth and apply the correct conditioning noted below. If you require our help caring for your strap we are able to clean and condition as part of our Spa service

For Baranil Watch Straps

Our Baranil straps are made using a fat nourished leather, so scratches can often be rubbed away and the straps are somewhat water resistant, though lighter straps will develop watermarks when new. They should be treated with Saphir Nappa creme after cleaning as this will not change the finish of the leather. These straps will darken and devlop a shine with use due to the fat nourishment of the leather.

For Bridle Leather Watch Straps

Our Bridle Leather straps are made using the finest bridle leathers and as such can last very well. They should be treated with Sedgwick Leather Feed to refresh the wax used in their making. Light colours can get watermarks, dark colours less so.

For Alligator Watch Straps

Our watch straps use the finest Alligator leathers in the world and are renowned for their quality. To keep the straps in optimum condition, and in particular to keep them flexible and to prevent cracking between the scales they should be treated with Saphir Reptan, specifically developed for this purpose and used in the finest workshops and Ateliers in the world. All colours should be protected from water

For Ostrich Leg Watch Straps

This is a very robust and reptilian leather, and therefore we recommend the use of Saphir Reptan to maintain the flexibility and longevity of the strap.

For Cuir de Russie Watch Straps

Cuir de Russie is treated with Birch Oil and is a very robust leather. We recomend Saphir Nappa creme so that the leather is nourished but the character of the leather remains unchanged.