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Buckle Finishes


All of our buckles start off life being highly polished. We use a range of polishing compounds depending upon the metal the buckle is made from and all brass buckles have a finishing layer of Renaissance Wax which is a museum grade product that protects the surface from tarnishing quickly. 

Satin Finish

You can choose to have a more matt finish on all of our brass and stainless steel buckles.

Palladium Finish

Some of our most popular buckles are stocked in Palladium finish, such as the Mayfair and the Parisien range. Those that we don't explicitly stock as palladium finished also have the option to be sent away to our finishing house to be hand plated at an extra cost ("Special Finishing"). This gives you flexibility in the finish of all of our buckles. The finish in either case is exceptional.

Gold & Rose Gold and Ruthenium Finish

We don't hold an stock buckles in these finishes, but we are able to have almost all our buckles finished with these metals