Lining Leathers

Watch Strap Lining Leathers

Here is our growing range of special lining leathers. We have a selection of both pure vegetable tanned leathers and more technical leathers that have been developed, tanned and finished specifically for watch strap linings with hypoallergenic and water resistant properties. All our linings have been selected to age well and feel great against the skin

St Crispin Calf

Pure vegetable tanned baby calf, exceptionally smooth. The colours can vary. These linings are not water resistant so will darken rapidly in use. A great choice for people wanting a natural lining

Zermatt and Alsavel Calf

Exceptional lining leathers with a hypoallergenic and water resistant finish. They age extremely well, resist colour change from perspiration. Our recomendation, in particular for use in countries with a hot climate. Overall likely to be the longest lived option

Eggshell St Crispin
Bracken St Crispin
Natural Alsavel
Gold Zermatt