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Everything we do is bespoke and there is nothing more personal to you than your initials. We've invested time and money to ensure we can provide an exceptional service to you. Come and take a look inside our embossing room.

It takes a lot of skill and time to perfect the process. In a world of electronic media simple considerations such as kerning disappear - however we manually set the spacing differently between each letter you select to create a beautiful balanced set of initials, for example . As each item we make is bespoke to you (we don't make stock and just pull your wallet or belt off a shelf) we emboss either the strap for a belt or a separate leather piece for a wallet, before we handstitch it together. We typically put your initials on the right hand side of the inside of a wallet. For a belt we would emboss on the inside of the strap, but we can do it on the front too. If you have any questions about embossing and where to place your initials, then please call us on 01833 444200 or email us

We offer three types of embossing:

1. Blind Embossing
This is where we press the letter blocks into the leather with heat and pressure but without any foil - the pressure creates a permanent mark on the leather. Subtle yet still visible. 

2. Silver Foil Embossing
We use solid silver foil from Paris to accent the initials into the leather, leaving a beautiful Silver finish.

3. Gold Foil Embossing
22 carat Gold Foil is our choice, again from Paris. Same technique, different finish.