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Create Your Bespoke Belt

From £175.20

Mornington Bridle Leather Belt

The Mornington features a beautifully finished contemporary brass buckle sourced from the finest and oldest firm of buckle makers in Paris. The lines and curves of the buckle not only bring beautiful French design to the belt but also allow the buckle and tongue to sit snugly when the belt is fastened and to closely follow the curve of the waist.

If a white finish is required we can have the buckles finished in Palladium, a precious white metal and member of the Platinum group of metals. We can also offer Ruthenium, Rose-Gold and 23c Gold finishes.

The Mornington, like all the belts in this section, is made from Sedgwick first selection Bridle Butt and is handmade and hand stitched to make a belt that will stand up to years of use and look good on it. Each belt is made to measure for you and will come with 7 holes as standard, giving you 6 inches of adjustment. You can also choose to have just 5 or 3 holes, along with changing the spacing between the holes from the standard 1" to the more custom 3/4".

If you can't find a buckle you like we can source many more, please drop us an email to discuss your requirements.