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A free-running piece of matching leather to tuck the tail of the belt into.

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The Bakers Oak Brown Bridle Leather Belt

The Oak Brown leather used for this belt is a beautiful mid brown with darker brown low lights. The combination of Bakers oak bark tannage and the hand dying process used for this leather produces a natural variegation and antiquing of colour similar to (and just as attractive as) Burr Walnut. The colour is somewhat variable due to the hand aniline dying and tanning process

Combined with the marks and character of the underlying skin this means that, more than any other leather we carry, each butt and every strap cut from it will be completely unique in its colouration and markings, genuinely a one off that can never be replicated. The surface of the leather exhibits a very pleasing natural grain and the very long tanning process (up to two years) makes for the excellent longevity, flexibility and strength characteristic of Bakers leather. The smell is clean, fresh and characteristic the of oak bark tanning.

The range of buckles and widths this belt is available in via the drop down boxes below, from 1" to 1 3/4" wide in a range of increments, metal colours and styles gives a lot of scope to get just the belt you want and includes our best selling buckle styles, but we're more than happy to use any of our other buckle choices available if those available below don't include the style you want, just let us know when you order the belt if you'd prefer a different buckle. Our aim when we selected this leather was to make a belt for the connoisseur who wants not just the best quality available, but also leather with a wealth of character and history behind it that is made in the same way leather has been for hundreds if not thousands of years, untainted by modern shortcuts and industrialisation.

For an in-depth look at the process of tanning the leather has gone through we highly recommend you have a look at this excellent short item by the BBC. Each belt is individually made to measure and to order for you and will come with 7 holes, giving you 6 inches of adjustment, though we can do 5 or 3 holes if you'd prefer. Please see our measuring guide to help ensure you select the correct size.