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From £121.99

The Bakers Russet Bridle Leather Belt

The Bakers Russet Bridle Leather belt is unusual in that Russet (undyed) leather is very rarely made in this quality and even more rarely is it finished as bridle leather. As with all the Bakers leather we carry this leather is tanned in Devon in the traditional way and takes from 12-24 months from arrival at Bakers to a finished leather as we buy it.

This belt is a departure from our house style in a number of ways and the focus is 100% on the character and personality of this very special leather. As the belt is completely undyed the marks and scars the cow had in life are clearly visible and make each belt 100% unique. The belt will slowly mellow and age toward a natural mid brown throughout its life and travels. Should you wish applications of leatherfeed will help speed the mellowing process and we provide a tub of our leatherfeed and an off-cut of the strap your belt was made from to allow pain free experiments. Unlike every other belt we make the edges are left natural, un-dyed and un-burnished to make 100% certain that nothing we do to the leather can interfere with either the natural ageing of the leather or the mellowing effect of any conditioner you wish to apply.

The leather used for this belt is approx. 5 mm thick, quite a lot heavier than our standard weight, and makes a belt that is comfortable, supportive and reassuringly solid to wear. To match the strength and near immortality of this leather we handstitch the belt using a heavier thread to compliment its personality. We also cut the keeper wider and a little thicker to match. Very much a belt for the leather enthusiast the leather will shrug off the years whilst at the same time telling the story of its life and journey in the colouration and markings.

We use either an unpolished solid Brass or solid Stainless Steel West End Roller with this belt, either of which are a good match for its rugged character. However if you'd like us to use another buckle from our range we are very happy to do so. Likewise if you'd like any aspect of your belt customising we are very happy to oblige.