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Create Your Bespoke Collar

From £50.40

The Half Check Collar

This Half Check Collar is simple in design yet clever in concept. When fitted correctly, the Half Check will give you a 'check effect', giving greater control of an enthusiastic dog. Available in eleven Sedgwick colours and with a solid brass or solid stainless steel chain. 

This Half Check Collar (also known as a half choke collar) is made from Sedgwicks 3.5 - 4mm bridle butt, hand cut, finished and stitched to make a robust, unique collar that will last many years given correct care.

We are able to make these collars with either solid Brass or solid Stainless Steel fittings. Brass makes for a smart, distinctive collar, is the traditional metal of choice of the saddlery trade and will never rust. We have added a Stainless Steel option to address the needs of owners of show dogs or dogs with white hair who have found that brass chain leaves a grey mark on the coat. Unlike many widely available brands our chain and fittings are solid Stainless steel, so will never rust, discolour and are far less likely to mark the coat.

The collar is made to measure to the exact size you require so there are no bulky buckles or keepers around your dogs neck. 

How to Measure For Your New Half Check!

The most accurate way of determining the size of your new Equus Half Check is to measure your dogs neck. We appreciate this is probably easier said than done in some cases! We've put together a handy video to show you the best way to measure. Watch it a few times, then arm yourself with a tape measure, a pencil and some paper and a few doggy treats!

Ask your dog to sit, remove the current collar and take a tape measure around the lowest part of the neck where a collar would naturally sit. Have it quite tightly, no fingers underneath and record this size.

What To Do With Your Neck / Collar Measurements

Neck Measurement:Take 3" off your neck measurement - this is the size you order and will be the length of the leather part of your collar.
For example, a neck measurement of 13" would mean you order a 10" Half Check or a 10-13" Adjustable / Opening Half Check. This sounds small, but the chain section of the collar is in addition to this. We've made this type of collar for many years, and in our experinece this will produce a collar thats just right

If You are Stuck!

We have helped people find the perfect sized collar for Jack Russels to Italian Greyhounds to Leonburgers. If you're unsure of the best size we're very happy to talk through fitting options with you, please just get in touch by emailing Customer Services at customerservice@equusleather.co.uk