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Create Your Bespoke Belt

From £480.00

The Lined and Raised Bridle Leather Belt

This belt is from our flagship Lined and Raised range and is made without compromise of either time or materials by a single craftsman. We use two and a half times as much leather in the construction of this belt compared with our unlined belts and in common with all the rest of our products it is entirely hand stitched. Often imitated but never bettered!

Comparing this, a product we feel that is of a quality you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else, with a high street bought belt is like comparing a Kia with a classic Aston Martin. One mass produced by the thousand with components sourced from the lowest bidder, the other hand crafted luxury made by skilled craftsmen from the best materials available.

We make this belt from three strips of first selection J.E Sedgwick Bridle leather. The lining is made from one strip, so you have the same quality leather on the inside as the outside, something all but unheard of outside the saddlery trade. The second strip is inside the belt and is used to create the raised strip down the centre. The face of the belt is, as with the lining, best bridle leather. We thin all three layers by the optimum amount, so the edges are approximately 4 1/2mm and the centre is approximately 6mm. These layers are held together by around 1000 stitches, each individually hand sewn and knotted for security using linen thread. All in all a very robust yet beautiful belt that will last for many years, age well, and will conform to the individual curves of your body as you wear it.

One of the many areas we pay special attention to is the construction of the keepers. The Lined and Raised Belt comes with 2 keepers, one fixed by the buckle as with all of our belts and one running free to keep the tail of the belt held neatly in place. The keepers are cut slightly thicker and wider than our standard keeper to compliment the overall design and in addition we case and block the keepers and subtly ornament the face to produce an elegant finished item reminiscent of the best quality harness work of the 19th century. If required the belt can have our Keeper Retaining System which integrates into the back of the belt and prevents the keeper from being lost.

By default we offer a choice of hand polished Nickel, Stainless Steel or Brass West End buckles. You can also choose to compliment your belt with a new addition to our range, the Carnaby buckle in brass.  

Your belt will come with a complimentary tub of Sedgwick Leather Feed so you have the optimum care product to hand and will be packaged in one of our elegant presentation boxes in a bed of acid free jewellers tissue. All in all a package fit for a belt of the quality it encloses.

We are able to make your belt either entirely from one of the colours listed below, or in any combination of face, lining and keeper colour that you choose. For example a black lining strip and keeper provides an elegant contrast to an Australian Nut face and compliments the burnished black edges. The only exception to this is the Hazel. Due to the striking colour of the Hazel leather, the edges need to be dyed with a tan colour. This wouldn't work if we had a darker colour lining as we would have to use a dark edge colour.

Each belt is made to measure for you and will come with 7 holes, giving you 6 inches of adjustment. You can also choose to have just 5 or 3 holes, along with changing the spacing between the holes from the standard 1" to the more custom 3/4". Please see our measuring guide to help ensure you select the correct size. As this belt is thicker than our unlined range we recomend you order 1/2" larger than for our standard belt range. 

Production time on the Lined & Raised is approximately 8-10 weeks from the date of order.