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The Padded Hound Collar

This collar represents the ultimate in handcrafted luxury and comfort for your greyhound, lurcher, whippet or other running dog. Our saddlery experience enables us to make a collar that combines beauty, tactillity, comfort and the ability to withstand years of daily use given correct care and is made to a standard of craftsmanship not normally available in a dog collar at any price.

This collar is lined with luxurious Panel Hide, more normally used in premium saddle and bridlework. We roll the edges of the lining to protect your dogs delicate skin from the more solid leather of the collar and to help protect the neck from the collar should they pull or jerk at their lead and the padding helps to ensure the ultimate in comfort for your dog.

In common with all of our products the seams holding the lining are entirely hand stitched so a damaged thread will not lead to an unravelling seam like a machine made seam would. We are able to stitch your collar using eye-catching white or yellow thread, or self coloured black or brown should you wish to have a more subtle but still unique collar. The strap and buckle end of the collar are 3/4" wide, and the width of the centre of the collar ranges from 1 1/4 to 2 1/2", depending on your requirements. The padding will add approximately 1/8"or a little more to the width of the collar on each side, so a collar ordered in 2" width would have an actual width of approx. 2 3/8".

Working out the correct size to order is easy, please see our sizing guide for information. If in doubt, please contact us. Please note the size you select is not the total length of the collar, it is the length from where the leather meets the buckle to the middle hole.