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Create Your Bespoke Belt

From £84.00

The Replacement Bridle Leather Strap

Do you have a favourite buckle? Maybe one that was handed down from a family member, or was given as a gift for a special occasion? Has the strap given way, does it no longer fit or is it simply not of good enough quality? Fear not, we can breathe new life into your buckle.

The Replacement Bridle Leather Strap gives you two choices. You can send us a favourite buckle and we will create a new, bespoke strap of exactly the right width which we will handstitch onto your buckle to exactly the same standards of craftsmanship as one of our standard belts, or you can opt for Chicago Screw fittings if you prefer to not send your buckle through the post or wish to interchange your buckle yourself.

Chicago Screws give you the option to fit any buckle of the same width you may have onto the strap that we make for you. Simply use a flat-head screwdriver to open the screws, pop your buckle in and screw them back up again. We will supply a set of screws in both brass and nickle plated brass to allow you to match the metal of your buckle as closely as possible.

Please just get in touch if you have questions regarding the width - we're only to happy to help.

The Replacement Bridle Leather Strap is made from Sedgwick first selection Bridle Butt and is handmade and hand stitched to make a belt that will stand up to years of use and look good on it. Each belt is made to measure for you and will come with 7 holes as standard, giving you 6 inches of adjustment. You can also choose to have just 5 holes, along with changing the spacing between the holes from the standard 1" to the more custom 3/4".