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Create Your Bespoke Collar

From £78.00

The Rolled Leather Collar

Our Rolled Collars are back by popular demand. From thinning the best quality English Sedgwick Leather, to rolling and stitching in place, everything is done by hand in house. The Rolled Collar is preferred by those with hairy dogs or those who prefer a more elegant, slimline look. 

This is a traditional rolled collar made from best quality 3.5 - 4mm Sedgwick Bridle Leather. Made from one piece of leather which is cut, thinned, rolled and stitched all entirely by hand plus our hand burnished edges make our collars more comfortable on both your dogs neck and on your hands. The Rolled Collar is stitched with tiger thread, which you can read more about here.

The Rolled Collar is best used in conjunction with a slip lead or for those dogs who spend a lot of time off the lead due to it's streamlined nature.

How to Measure for Your New Equus Collar!

The most accurate way of determining the size of your new Equus Collar is to measure your dogs neck. We appreciate this is probably easier said than done in some cases! We've put together a handy video to show you the best way to measure. Watch it a few times, then arm yourself with a tape measure, a pencil and some paper and a few doggy treats!

So, in summary, ask your dog to sit, remove the current collar and take a tape measure around the lowest part of the neck where a collar would naturally sit. Have it quite tightly, no fingers underneath and record this size.

Measuring A Current Collar

This is less accurate, but a good way to get an estimate if you wanted to check against a neck measurement. It really only works if your current collar is a buckle type (as in not a webbing collar with a push together clasp). 

As you'll have seen in the video above, you need to try and follow the curve of the collar, so it's best to measure in your hand rather than trying to make it flat on a table. Put your tape measure at the start of the collar but don't include the buckle and measure along the length to the hole the collar is usually worn on. Don't measure the total length, as we need to know where to put the holes! 

What To Do With Your Neck / Collar Measurements

Neck Measurement: Add 1 1/2" to your neck measurement - this is the size of the collar you need to order.
For example, if the neck measurement is 14", the size of the Plain or Hound Collar to order would be 15 1/2".

Collar Measurement: No need to add anything to this (provided you follow the method above), order the length you get measuring from the buckle to the hole your dog uses - we'll make that measurement the middle hole.

Holes and Spacing

Most of our collars come with 5 holes that are 3/4" apart. The only exception is the smaller collars (smaller than 12") which have 5 holes 5/8" apart. We will make your collar up so that the size you have selected is in the middle of these holes, giving you a range of adjustment both longer and shorter. Your collar will be made specifically for you so we are able to vary this should you require it, as bespoke makers we want to make you and your dog the perfect collar.

Please remember that too long is better then too short, so generally always round up rather than down. The size you order from us is not the entire length of the collar - please follow the methods above to get the correct size. 

If You are Stuck!

We have helped people find the perfect sized collar for Jack Russels to Italian Greyhounds to Leonburgers. If you're unsure of the best size we're very happy to talk through fitting options with you, please just get in touch by emailing Customer Services at customerservice@equusleather.co.uk