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From £134.40

The Scott Harness Leather Belt

We've developed this belt and the leather its made from with a very specific set of design criteria in mind for quite an unusual set of circumstances, however the end result is a belt of exceptional quality, character and durability suitable for anyone looking a substantial belt. As worn by ultimate adventurer, Bear Grylls.

Our design goal was to make a belt for the gentleman traveler, someone whose journeys encompass both civilization with all its demands and the seriously uncivilized, with an entirely different and rather more arduous set of requirements. As such we have christened this belt The Scott, after Robert Falcon Scott, perhaps one of the greatest of the gentleman travelers, explorers and scientists of the 20th century. What we wanted this belt to be was;

  • Most importantly - a faithful friend, supportive, comfortable and able to be the only belt of a wardrobe when needs must and to be worn everyday for years without wearing out.
  • Able to withstand prodigious abuse from weather, use and time and live for many years. 
  • Strong enough to provide support and carry weight in the form of a knife, holster etc if needed.
  • Able to achieve all of this without looking crude or like a work belt, we wanted the finished article to be as tactile and as pleasing to own as any of our other belts - some would argue more so.

We looked for years to find just the right leather to achieve this disparate set of goals and after a long search we've had our own custom version of Bakers of Colyton Oak Bark Tanned 5mm Harness leather developed with specific thought to the adverse climatic and conditions of use likely to be encountered and so the leather is just as we want it. We use harness rather than our normal bridle leather to achieve the weight and density of leather we wanted and the extra grease stuffed into the fibers of the leather in the finishing process. This has a number of benefits for the belt, most notably extra tensile strength, greater weather and neglect resistance and a greater flexibility to offset the added thickness necessary for strength. Harness leather like this would typically be used in high-stress applications in the saddlery trade like stirrup leathers or harness traces where failure of the leather can be life threateningly dangerous, so this is the perfect leather for our application where failure of the belt in a far flung part of the world would be unacceptable.

The Oak Bark tanning and hand aniline colouring used for this leather produces a genuinely beautiful and hugely characterful, naturally slightly variegated leather that shows the grain, marks and scars of the skin itself and of the exceptionally long 2 year tanning and finishing process that has made it. The leather and this rich, natural and interesting patina will continue to improve with age and use and is quite different to a mass produced leather and belt. The grease used in the finishing process helps makes what from another tanner would be a stiff and rather wooden belt, into a pleasure to wear and the tanners art locks the grease into the heart of the leather, keeping the outside grease free to touch. We have chosen a warm mid to dark brown as the most versatile colour that compliments both the nature of the belt and the wardrobe most likely to be worn with it. The hand dyeing process and the tanning methods means the colour is quite variable, a natural feature of all Bakers leathers. As much as this belt has been designed for very hard use the leather is in no way crude or utilitarian and will certainly not disappoint the lover of great leather. The belt will arrive with character built in and will carry the marks of both its life with you and of its years long creation process with good grace.

The Scott is available with a number of different styles of buckle, all of which are specifically chosen for their suitability for this weight of leather and for use in rugged and challenging environments whilst retaining the elegance of design to be expected of the classical English buckle.