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VAT Deduction for Customers outside the European Union

Our website will automatically deduct the VAT from our prices if you have a shipping address outside the EU. As soon as the website knows where in the world you are,. this will hapen automatically. As part of the checkout process you have to enter your shipping details and if you are a new customer this is the stage at which the prices will be shown without VAT. You can be sure this has happened by checking an item in your Cart, the Tax Subtotal will have a value of £0.

If you are an existing customer, that is if you have registered with the website in the past your location will be remembered so products will be shown with the correct amount of tax, even if you haven't logged in. Again, you can check this by looking for the Tax Subtotal in your cart, it should read £0 if you are eligible for tax deduction.

As ever we are here to help, if you have any queries please get in touch , we'd be delighted to help.