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  • Black
  • Dark Havanna
  • Burgundy
  • Australian Nut
  • Conker
  • Hazel
  • Light Havanna
  • London Tan
  • Pillarbox Red
  • British Racing Green
  • Midnight Blue
  • Eggshell St Crispin Calf
  • Brachen St Crispin Calf
  • Alsavel Hypoallergenic & Water-resistant Calf - +£12.00
  • Zermatt Hypoallergenic & Water-resistant Calf - +£12.00

This is determined by the lug width of your watch and the width of the buckle you have or would like.

Please see our comprehensive guide here

The buckles available are determined by the strap width you have chosen. Please see our photo guide here

For a guide to our Lin Cable thread colours please see here.

The fittings available are determined by the width of the strap. Please select the width you require first. Apple Lugs require a 22mm (for 38/40mm watches) or 24mm strap (42/44mm watches)

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The options are visible after your buckle choice above

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Sedgwick Bridle Leather Watch Strap

Our Bridle Leather watch strap is handmade using the lovely J&E Sedgwick Bridle leather combined with a choice of great lining leathers, hand made and hand stitched using Lin Cable thread. A great range of choices of leather and thread colour makes for a huge range of design choices. The strap is substantial enough for a chunky watch and a long life but without excess stiffness or bulk.

This strap is a Raised design, and is cousin in design to our Lined and Raised belt. The strap is around 4mm thick at the watch for substance and heft, tapering down to around 2.3mm thick at the holes and towards the point of the strap to allow flexibility when passing the strap through a buckle or keepers. The Raised design as well as the stitching and edge crease marks gives the watch shape, texture and allows the leather to come to life in a way a flat strap can't. We can make the strap in either a straight or tapering shape depending on the look you want and the configuration of watch lug width and buckle width you have or prefer. Take a look at the short film at the bottom of this page to see our craftsmen in action.

Each one of our straps comes complete with a choice of buckles or deployants, all in either satin or polished finish, or we can use a buckle of your choice if you prefer. We recommend the use of our Deployants to maximise strap life as wear to the strap is dramatically reduced, as well as being mechanically and aesthetically pleasing in their own right. If you have a deployant or buckle of your own we're happy to make a strap around it. Some deployants require very thin straps, if thats the case you should get in touch and we can work out the specification you need. We are also very happy to help with any aspect of strap design or configuration, just drop us an email.

For help with sizing please see our size guide here. Every strap is made to measure so we can accommodate any size you require, if you'd like a non standard size just let us know.