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What Makes us Equus?

In a World of the Mass Produced, We Don’t

In a time where machines have replaced hands, and planned obsolesce has replaced quality, we invite you to think differently. Heritage craft skills, the finest leathers and threads from around the world and above all the magic touch of our craftsmen’s hands makes an Equus product a true luxury in an age where luxury is often defined only by a logo and price tag - handmade, hand stitched quality, made to last, made with passion and craftsmanship, not with a machine..

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Here at Equus we live and breath our work. We source the finest leather from the finest tanneries in the world and use the craft skills we carefully nurture to make individual pieces designed to standards of quality from an age before planned obsolescence.

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"Take a look at the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each Equus product. Our film collection documents the processes and traditional techniques behind our most popular designs and showcases the craft skills we work hard to preserve."

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Our Heritage

Our Heritage.

Born in the world of English Equestrianism, our work reflects the traditions of the English Master Saddler and the quality and craftsmanship exhibited in the beautiful work from the Victorian and Edwardian period, the height of craftsmanship and a world away from the mass produced, off shored products of today.

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